D-Pad Shield on order.

I love creating. The best part about creating something is seeing it come to fruition. This morning I submitting a board to OSH Park for fabrication. It almost feels like magic. I spend hours working on the “Spell” and then cast it on-line and a about a week later a Perfect Purple PCB shows up at my door.

Here is the D-Pad : 

I added a second row of header pads so it will be easier to connect to external stuff. They are not shown here but here is how OSH Park previews your board.

As a result of adding a second row I had to shift the buttons down so that will require re-alignment of button holes in the lid.

This is starting to feel like work. No not really.

TicTacToe – Educational Kit Build

After some struggling with KiCAD  (I had to position my own shield pins)  there was a lot of back and forth between KiCAD and FreeCAD. But here are some screen grabs of the newest boards going to OSH Park.

While this certainly is not going to win awards in the hand-held gaming sector it is going to be a fun kit for kids to get started with Arduino.

After learning the basics of Arduino learners will be able to assemble this kit and see all the basics in action. This kit only uses LED’s and Push Buttons. So Blink and Buttons are the only examples learners will need to master.

The principle behind this project is to get the learner thinking about hand-held devices they could potentially manufacture.

The code for this kit needs a little more polish but will be available on git-hub.