Some Mousetrap Car Parts


I have uploaded some new parts for Mousetrap car building. These parts make assembling the traditional Balsa wood kit a simple, no mess task. Additionally it facilitates re-configuring the car for a complete learning experience.

The Clips.

The clips are designed to attach the plank to the side rails.

The Axle

The Axle is designed to slide over the common Brass Axle provided in many kits. It is designed to be a snug fit, but if it works its way loose over the years a set screw can be used. The axle has a threaded hub for the CD Wheel Lug.

CD Wheel Bolt ( or Wheel Lug )

The CD Wheel Lug is designed to fit into the Hub by with threading. It has a detent to easly center and capture the CD. This elimantes most of the wobble in a poorly mounted CD. Whats best is the CD only comes off when you want.

Using these parts the instructor can easily re-use kits from one year to another and let students be creative without gluing thier fingers together.

Spring Scale – 3rd Prototype

With three prototypes down and hopefully only a couple more needed. On this third prototype I lengthened the hook so that the throw will be along the entire scale. I reduced the size of the faceplate so it would easily fit the case without post processing.

The next version I am going to try recessed tick-marks instead of the raised marks. During printing, being that the tick-marks are so small my printer creates a skew on the last layer that makes the tick-marks look slanted.

After I get a good basic model, determining the appropriate spring mechanism will be a bit of a challenge. I would prefer 3d printed springs but have not yet determined an implementation I like. This case allows for rubber bands or regular springs and that will likely be the first approach.

Shaky video of first run, of alpha car.

This is a quick video of the Alpha car being run the first time. I was very happy with it’s performance without any testing. It has a tendency to pull to the left, so that will have to be corrected.


You can view the video on my Twitter feed at :